Valpak sought the help and advice of Warwickshire Investment Partnership prior to their move from central London to the Midlands in 2003.

The growth of the business meant we had too many employees for the size of our London office. The cost of renting larger offices in London was prohibitive so we made the decision to relocate to Stratford-upon-Avon. By moving to Stratford Business Park, we reduced our operating costs, and were able to expand more efficiently.

Valpak is the UK’s largest environmental compliance scheme, managing the recycling obligations of over 3,500 UK businesses under producer responsibility laws. Warwickshire’s central location and excellent transport links make it easily accessible from all parts of the UK, allowing our staff and members to travel easily to and from our head office.

Valpak has now been based in Stratford for a number years, and the number of employees working from here has increased from 70 to over 100. We are continually expanding and contributing to the local economy, and hope to remain one of Warwickshire’s most successful businesses.