FreeStyleGames™ is a ground-breaking game development company with studios in Leamington Spa, London and Brighton. Founded in 2002, we are home to over 110 ambitious and highly talented employees.

The company specialises in original intellectual property, focused on mass-market music-rhythm based gaming. We have a unique and relaxed culture within our studios that encourages our teams to enjoy fun & adventurous lifestyles.

FreeStyleGames was acquired in September 2008 by Activision Blizzard and are now a wholly owned part of their independent studio network. As well as working alongside Neversoft & Red Octane supporting the Guitar Hero franchise, we have also recently released our own new and innovative title, DJ Hero.

Chris Lee, Commercial Director of FreeStyleGames commented, “It’s an exciting time for the company, not only have we been able to design and develop our own environment from the ground-up, but we have created the capacity to house more staff and establish multiple teams. This growth will allow us to build on our progress on next generation, as well as continuing to support the PS2® & PSP™. While we’re all excited about the results we’re seeing on next-gen hardware, we’re still committed to developing at least two more current generation products, as there’s a lot of life left in the market so it doesn’t make sense to ignore it.